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main_icon_114Transparent screen app is a free Android app that makes your mobile screen transparent with the help of smartphone camera. This best screen app gives a high-quality transparent display.

The main features are:

• Enables to work on your required app while your mobile screen is transparent.
• Visual display is sharp with usual performing speed.
• Gives a clear picture of everything in front of you and operate your phone as usual.
• Transparent screen app is the best way to see what’s ahead of you while you are still working on the phone.
• Transparent display also proves helpful while using a map while walking, no need to take your eyes off the road!
• Give an amazing look to your phone and have fun with this app.


Transparent Screen Launcher enables you to use your phone as usual while being able to see the live wallpapers on the entire screen of your device.

To know more about Transparent screen Launcher, go to the AppsBazaar official site.

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Place Finder App to Find Best Places Around You Anytime & Anywhere

Location Finder AppsBazaar Icon

 So you’re in a new city & country! And don’t really know where your favorite restaurant, ATM, Café & transport station is? Or  maybe you want to try out coffee at a new café & dinner at the new restaurant? Well, there is an app for that, which is developed  by AppsBazaar. There are hundreds of them literally, but most of them cannot work properly. We’ve designed Place Finder  that is pretty easy to use & work efficiently.

 One good thing about this app is, it does use your physical location to show you best & nearest place around, you are searching for. You can search by Café, Night Club, grocery store, Bar, ATM, Doctor, Airport, Accounting, Bus Stations, Car dealer & much more.

It is truly easy to use place search app that does exactly what users need it to do. Let’s go with a best location finder app which will help you to search local places around you in the easiest way.

Place Finder
Place Finder

Few of Best Features are:- • You can make category wise local search & if you are not satisfied yet, you can search by keywords as well. • Select any place name and it will highlight that place view with “green” mark & your current location with “red” mark. • Works through Google map & provides 100% Correct result in most scenarios.


Place Finder Free has definitely become a very popular app, not just for knowing where you’re going, but also to search an ATM, airport, bus station, a restaurant to eat at or a place to make a visit.

Explore & Download this best Place finder app of AppsBazaar to carry during travelling.

Sad Love Quotes! Right Words to Express Your Broken Heart Pain

Sad Love Quotes! Right Words to Express Your Broken Heart Pain

Your heart is broken & you are feeling sad! Cannot able to express your feelings? Don’t worry! Here is an Android app with lots of good lines or images that suits You like; Life Would be so much easier to live, if We fall in love with Someone that Would Love Us Back! Being a WhatsApp user, I know that most of us like these kind of status for routine updates. Social Media has just taken the IM at a new level, from IM to photo sharing to status updating. Well, today I am going to introduce you with an Android app “Sad Love Quotes” having a huge collection of Sad Love Quotes or we can say awesome sad quotations for social media.

Sad quotes app is the best way to deal with & express feelings of a broken heart with others. After costs too much time & efforts on net surfing, sometimes we cannot able to find right words to express our pain. So, now AppsBazaar is giving you a best solution to get rid of such kind of issues.

Below I am going to mention few good sad quotes of the App:

1. A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.

2. Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.

3. Work hard, stay positive, and get up early, its the best part of the day.


4. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.


One more thing, you can also share these quotes with your friends, family & other.

Happy Durgashtami! Listen the Sounds of Bell and Voices of Priest

Durgashtami is a festival, which represents the victory of Good over Evil. This festival is extensively celebrated in some of our states in India they are Assam, Jharkhand, Manipur, Orissa, Tripura, Meghalaya and West Bengal. This festival brings bravery in everyone mind to fight against bad works. People are worshiping to Maa Durga with a very emotional feeling. They feel that Maa Durga will give spirit to them to get victory against fraudulent one.


It is celebrated for five days and enjoyed each day with lots of cultural functions. Everywhere we will listen the sounds of bell and voices of priest. The decoration is one of the most beautiful thing to watch during this festival. In Bengal it is one of the most important festival to them. All women are beautifully dressed with saree and red bindi on forehead.

In this festival we wish our friends and relatives by sending messages of  Maa Durga. This messages remind us the story of Goddess Durga “How she get victory over evil?” With the help of card maker app you will find lots of picture of Maa Durga. Also, holy mantras are written so nicely in every photos.

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Get the Complete & Up to Date Coverage of News & Stories!

Get the Complete & Up to Date Coverage of News & Stories!

get free apps of play store_upper_image_1News hub will change the way of your reading, finding and sharing the News. This free news app will connect you with the world around you. Providing you the latest breaking news alerts, high-quality videos and stories within the minutes anytime, anywhere.

As top stories covering the World, Politics, Sport, Entertainment, Health, and news articles are constantly updated and can be shared with your preferred social media channels such as; WhatsApp Facebook, Twitter or email.

Welcome screen followed by ‘’Top Stories’’ section, which highlights the major stories you need to know now and can be clip updated headline.

Free news app wrap-up the latest news, with live updates as they happen around the world. With a fresh unique design and features, the app is easy to use so you can rapidly get the stories that matter to you.

Welcome, all to the free Android News app. We have completely reformed our app to ensure we deliver the latest and most important news in the best possible way. Access the best world news, sports, and entertainment and more segments.

The best free way to stay up to date with all international news, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Technology, World News and much more! This app delivers you all latest top news stories & videos in a clean, easy to use interface. Everything you need on single screen.

What does differentiate it from others?

  1. News fetching from the top & recognized sources!
  2. Push notification features for making sure you’re up to date even when you’re busy!
  3. You can set the preferences how would you like to receive the notifications.
  4. A great story keeping you up to date even when you’re busy!
  5. You can even search the news accordingly (Keywords, Topics, Persons, cities & more…).
  6. Save your interesting stories for later reading!

Liked the app? Let us know by rating it high and sharing it with your friends! Download the app for free and get the latest news fast.

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Greeting Card Maker Apps

Post by Kiran Gill:

Greeting Card Maker Apps

Greeting Card Maker Apps

Greeting Card Maker Apps

Post by Kiran Gill:

Greeting Card Maker Apps

Greeting Card Maker Apps

Sad Love Quotes! Right Words to Express Your Broken Heart Pain

Sad Love Quotes! Right Words to Express Your Broken Heart Pain.

Share Heavy Text, Images, PDF Files & Much More with Easy File Transfer App

We all are familiar with a traditional file sharing method named as Bluetooth, used to share data from one mobile device to another. The world is wireless now & the trend is now being carried over by smart devices & Android Phones. A very few of the today generation prefer to use of USB & other file transferring technology for data sharing. The reason behind sharing files through wireless media is that, it is more suitable than traditional systems. Now I am going to introduce you with one top notch file transfer system, which is totally different and more effective than traditional file sharing methods.




Google Play store is providing lots of the apps that can help you to large file transfer between your smart phones. Play store also having one more Android mobile app which has been designed by AppsBazaar & named as an Easy File Transfer. It has all bare & basic features like image, PDF, audio, & text file transfer, additionally with app transfer by using WiFi.

For an Android mobile app developer, when it comes to application features, they believe in the more the merrier. The interface of Fast file transfer app is very neat & the serviceability is the best among all the app in the same domain. You can send & receive file from 20 meters to up to 200 meter range.

Note: Easy File Transfer app should be installed on both sender & receiver devices.

Get the Blessing of Divinity with Shining Flute & sparkles Krishna Wallpapers

Stories about Krishna’s endeavors proliferate and his legends are still powerful over the world. Throughout today’s era, Krishna has been a puzzle to few, however, God to a great many Indians. What’s more, a large portion of us wants to begin our every day with the gift of this dynamite god. Lord Krishna Wallpapers is an application that alters the mobile screen with live wallpapers of the Lord with sparkling woodwind and shines. It is one of the best live wallpapers for Hindus, who put stock in the profound power of the Lord. The application delineates with the scene of your respected Gods Radha and Krishna or one of the celestial couples.

lord krishna live wallpaper

Few of these Krishna wallpapers additionally portray their childhood love which is viewed as consecrated even after such a hundreds of years.
Lord Krishna Wallpapers application has been outlined wonderfully by AppsBazaar with Box2D Physics activities. Since the wallpapers contain pictures of Gods, so it will dependably remind or propel us to take after their standards and do great things. When you are finished with the installation procedure, the application gets to be available through the device wallpaper menu & empowers you to set it as the default wallpaper.

Go to the AppsBazaar official site & get the free app to make use of the uncountable Radha Krishna wallpapers on your Android devices. AppsBazaar is working on many new products to make your Smartphone & other Android devices more productive.