Share Heavy Text, Images, PDF Files & Much More with Easy File Transfer App

We all are familiar with a traditional file sharing method named as Bluetooth, used to share data from one mobile device to another. The world is wireless now & the trend is now being carried over by smart devices & Android Phones. A very few of the today generation prefer to use of USB & other file transferring technology for data sharing. The reason behind sharing files through wireless media is that, it is more suitable than traditional systems. Now I am going to introduce you with one top notch file transfer system, which is totally different and more effective than traditional file sharing methods.




Google Play store is providing lots of the apps that can help you to large file transfer between your smart phones. Play store also having one more Android mobile app which has been designed by AppsBazaar & named as an Easy File Transfer. It has all bare & basic features like image, PDF, audio, & text file transfer, additionally with app transfer by using WiFi.

For an Android mobile app developer, when it comes to application features, they believe in the more the merrier. The interface of Fast file transfer app is very neat & the serviceability is the best among all the app in the same domain. You can send & receive file from 20 meters to up to 200 meter range.

Note: Easy File Transfer app should be installed on both sender & receiver devices.


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