Line your Device Screen up with Live Wallpapers – AppsBazaar

main_icon_114Transparent screen app is a free Android app that makes your mobile screen transparent with the help of smartphone camera. This best screen app gives a high-quality transparent display.

The main features are:

• Enables to work on your required app while your mobile screen is transparent.
• Visual display is sharp with usual performing speed.
• Gives a clear picture of everything in front of you and operate your phone as usual.
• Transparent screen app is the best way to see what’s ahead of you while you are still working on the phone.
• Transparent display also proves helpful while using a map while walking, no need to take your eyes off the road!
• Give an amazing look to your phone and have fun with this app.


Transparent Screen Launcher enables you to use your phone as usual while being able to see the live wallpapers on the entire screen of your device.

To know more about Transparent screen Launcher, go to the AppsBazaar official site.

AppsBazaar> Our-Portfolio> Entertainment>Transparent Screen App


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