Get the Complete & Up to Date Coverage of News & Stories!

Get the Complete & Up to Date Coverage of News & Stories!

get free apps of play store_upper_image_1News hub will change the way of your reading, finding and sharing the News. This free news app will connect you with the world around you. Providing you the latest breaking news alerts, high-quality videos and stories within the minutes anytime, anywhere.

As top stories covering the World, Politics, Sport, Entertainment, Health, and news articles are constantly updated and can be shared with your preferred social media channels such as; WhatsApp Facebook, Twitter or email.

Welcome screen followed by ‘’Top Stories’’ section, which highlights the major stories you need to know now and can be clip updated headline.

Free news app wrap-up the latest news, with live updates as they happen around the world. With a fresh unique design and features, the app is easy to use so you can rapidly get the stories that matter to you.

Welcome, all to the free Android News app. We have completely reformed our app to ensure we deliver the latest and most important news in the best possible way. Access the best world news, sports, and entertainment and more segments.

The best free way to stay up to date with all international news, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Technology, World News and much more! This app delivers you all latest top news stories & videos in a clean, easy to use interface. Everything you need on single screen.

What does differentiate it from others?

  1. News fetching from the top & recognized sources!
  2. Push notification features for making sure you’re up to date even when you’re busy!
  3. You can set the preferences how would you like to receive the notifications.
  4. A great story keeping you up to date even when you’re busy!
  5. You can even search the news accordingly (Keywords, Topics, Persons, cities & more…).
  6. Save your interesting stories for later reading!

Liked the app? Let us know by rating it high and sharing it with your friends! Download the app for free and get the latest news fast.

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