Happy Durgashtami! Listen the Sounds of Bell and Voices of Priest

Durgashtami is a festival, which represents the victory of Good over Evil. This festival is extensively celebrated in some of our states in India they are Assam, Jharkhand, Manipur, Orissa, Tripura, Meghalaya and West Bengal. This festival brings bravery in everyone mind to fight against bad works. People are worshiping to Maa Durga with a very emotional feeling. They feel that Maa Durga will give spirit to them to get victory against fraudulent one.


It is celebrated for five days and enjoyed each day with lots of cultural functions. Everywhere we will listen the sounds of bell and voices of priest. The decoration is one of the most beautiful thing to watch during this festival. In Bengal it is one of the most important festival to them. All women are beautifully dressed with saree and red bindi on forehead.

In this festival we wish our friends and relatives by sending messages of  Maa Durga. This messages remind us the story of Goddess Durga “How she get victory over evil?” With the help of card maker app you will find lots of picture of Maa Durga. Also, holy mantras are written so nicely in every photos.

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